Our Mission

Grace City Church is a city within the city, that’s for the city, multiplying and maturing disciples throughout the city, neighborhood by neighborhood, with the renewing power of the gospel.

We Gather on Mission

We gather on Sundays with our neighborhood congregations to encounter God’s presence, celebrate God’s worth & receive God’s grace from the gospel.

Here’s what we’ve found when we gather—God is on mission. God answers our questions about life from the Bible—he changes our lives by his presence—he connects us with others who are trying to figure out what we’re here for—and he fills us with the hope that he loves us and cares for us because he sent his Son to live, die, and rise from the dead to change our lives and our city.

The thing that’s exciting about God’s mission is that it’s always accomplished. This means we gather in glad anticipation of what God will do in our midst.

We Scatter on Mission

We understand that most of life is lived Monday through Saturday and so as we scatter throughout the city we go to our homes, work places, schools, and neighborhoods believing we are sent on mission to bring hope & healing with the renewing power of the gospel.

This looks like joining God on mission by bringing the light of the gospel wherever we are and building meaningful relationships with the people of our city who need Jesus. This happens in so many place in so many ways—faithfulness at work, diligence at school, contributing to culture & arts, playing sports, showing mercy to the needy, advocating justice for the oppressed, participating in civic associations, and being with the hurting & suffering. In all these places we want to do good and help those who are estranged from God be reconciled through the proclamation of the gospel.

In order to stay faithful in our scattered mission and grow as individual disciples of Jesus we believe we must walk this out together. Discipleship Communities are how we seek to walk out the life and mission of discipleship together as we are scattered throughout the city.

Visit a Discipleship Community.

We Love God and Our City

We love the Father who sent Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit to live the life we could not live, die the death we deserve to die, and rise from the dead so that all who repent & believe this good news will be forgiven all their sin, delivered from all God’s wrath, accepted into God’s family, and begin to experience the renewing power of life with God and his people.

Because we love our city we want everyone in it to know the God we love because he first loved us.