In January of 2013 God provided Grace City Church with a building for a buck! This building is tucked away into the Wissinoming neighborhood of Philadelphia, and it provides a unique platform to serve our neighborhood for the fame of God and the renewal of the city!

You can imagine the needs that come with a one-dollar building. Since acquiring the building we have spent countless man hours gutting, cleaning, and now preparing for construction.

This is where we are calling on you. We need your financial help for three phases of construction.

Phase 1: $30,000

This phase includes the construction of the Grace4Kids classroom, restrooms, and basic roofing needs.

Phase 2: $35,000

This phase includes the construction of the nursery and toddler room, as well as, a HVAC system for the second floor.

Phase 3: $35,000

This phase includes the construction of the fellowship hall, a water displacement system for the basement, and repairs to the parking lot.

Total: $100,000

Please prayerfully consider joining us in making much of Jesus here in the Philadelphia neighborhood of Wissinoming.

How to giveā€¦

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