Christian parents have the unique privilege and responsibility of raising their kids in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesian 6:4). It’s no easy task!

That’s why at Grace4Kids we count it a joy to partner with parents on Sunday morning by helping your children:

  1. Enjoy fun, interactive, and educational times together
  2. Read and learn from the Bible (the whole thing)
  3. Understand how each part of the Bible points to Jesus

Where Your Kids Should Go

As we begin our gathering, all children join their parents in the auditorium for a time singing. They’ll be dismissed to classes & nurseries right after the announcements and before the sermon starts. Again, if you’d rather your kids stay with you for the whole meeting, that’s great.

Infants to five years old are taken up stairs to be care for by qualified volunteers. Children six year old to nine years old can be dropped off at the classroom right off the main lobby.

What They’ll Do

Grace4Kids is built around the Jesus Story Book Bible Curriculum. This is a year-long program which helps children grasp the storyline of Scripture and the main character of it – Jesus! The curriculum involves age-specific teachings, illustrations, games, etc. It is our hope that each and every week our children learn more about their Savior.

What You Can Do

We see Grace4Kids as a means to help parents introduce their children to God and the gospel and increase their love for both. Their time in the classroom is to supplement what you are doing in the home (Deuteronomy 6:7-8, Proverbs 22:6). So please consider utilizing the resources from The Jesus Story Book Bible  to assist your children in following Jesus.

For more information about the lessons taught each Sunday, additional family worship resources, and updates on this ministry please contact Bill Melone.