Grace City Church Collective 70/10 Celebration Feast


Recounting God’s grace in the past renews our affections for God in the present and fills us with fresh hope in God for the future.

Throughout the Old Testament we read how God’s people had regular rhythms of recounting and rejoicing in God’s past faithfulness by throwing large celebrations and feasts. Year after year these festive events served to make much of God while reminding & renewing the hearts of all God’s people. These rhythms demonstrate how good & pleasing it is to God for us to pause and reflect on how faithful He has been to us in the past and have our hearts stirred to trust him for our future.

This is what we are going to do on Saturday, October 3rd. The congregations of Grace City Church are gathering to enjoy a celebration feast (aka party) in order to recount & rejoice in God’s faithfulness over the past 70 years!

:: 70 Years Ago ::

Back in 1945 a group of disciples were led by the Holy Spirit to reach out to the children of the Pennypack projects of Holme Circle with the good news of Jesus. This outreach became the seed that soon became the planting of The Grace Bible Church of the Northeast.

For many decades, Grace Bible Church was a thriving local church proclaiming the good news of Jesus to the neighborhoods of Northeast Philly and even sent missionaries to the nations of the world. Many disciples were multiplied & matured for the fame of God & the renewal of the city. Jesus was building his church.

Then came a prolonged season of difficulty and decline. A church that was once so healthy & vibrant had now dwindled down to a handful of disciples wondering if it was time to close its doors for good. Although the church was a smoldering wick—God began to move in a way that indicated it was time to stop the funeral because it was his plan for the light of this local church to shine brightly once again.

:: 10 Years Ago ::

Back in 2005 a group of disciples were led by the Holy Spirit to partner with the remaining members of Grace Bible Church to replant the congregation with a renewed passion to multiply & mature disciples with the gospel for the fame of God & the renewal of the city. This replant became the seed that soon became Grace City Church of the Northeast—a congregation with a vision to multiply neighborhood churches through out the city.

Now a thriving family of neighborhood congregations, in partnership with Sovereign Grace Churches, Grace City is witnessing God faithfully work in us and through us to reach many neighbors and neighborhoods with the life-transforming power of the gospel. In 2013, Grace City Church of the Northeast sent out a group of disciples to plant Grace City Church of Wissinoming and announced in 2015 that two new Discipleship Communities were being formed to be the seeds for Grace City Church of Frankford & Grace City Church of Fox Chase.

Jesus is faithfully building his church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against us!

This is why we are throwing a party! Will you join us in recounting & celebrating the stories of God’s grace over the past 70 years? We believe it will make much of God’s faithfulness in the past, renew our affections for God in the present, and fill us with fresh hope for what God will do in us and through in the future?


WHEN :: Saturday, October 3rd @ 6:00pm
WHERE :: Cedar Grove Christian Academy Gymnasium
WHO :: Children & Adults 6 & Up (childcare available for 5 & Under)
HOW MUCH :: $10 a ticket for adults & $5 for children 6-10
MENU :: Adult Ticket- Garden Salad, Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli (Brown butter), Rolls & Dessert
Children’s Ticket- Chick-fil-a Nuggets & the above sides

Buy your tickets here.

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