Introducing Grace City Collective

Grace City Collective is what we call all events when we gather the neighborhood congregations of the Grace City Church Family to enjoy various expressions of our life and mission together.

Although the Grace City Family is scattered throughout Philadelphia in neighborhood congregations, we want to be intentional about making it a priority to experience our family unity by gathering all of our congregations together to enjoy worship, fellowship, and mission throughout the year.

We anticipate Grace City Collective events to be relational & missional highlights on our calendar as we unite our hearts to celebrate, proclaim, and live out the gospel for the fame of God & the renewal of the city!

Join us for our next Grace City Collective event on Sunday Night March 15th at 6pm as we gather at the Ashton Road Building for a night of Praise, Prayer & Prophetic ministry.

PRAISE. We will be celebrating what God has recently been doing through the renewing power of the gospel. Come ready to share.

PRAYER. We will be asking God the Father to do much more for his fame and the renewal of the Philadelphia. Come ready to ask.

PROPHECY. We will be pursuing God’s Spirit to strengthen & equip us for our united mission as a church family. Come ready to receive.

“For the Fame of God & the Renewal of the City”

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